Caravan Project Print Portfolio, 2006

title page

Title Page

Joe Batt- Antarctica Cathartica

Joe Batt, Antarctica Cathartica

drypoint on plexiglass

Julia M. Becker- Flow Ebb

Julia M. Becker, Flow Ebb

etching and aquatint

Daniel S. Biehl- Consequence

Daniel S. Biehl, Consequence

color relief and intaglio

Bev Beck Glueckert- Strong and Mighty

Bev Beck Glueckert, Strong and Mighty

3-color intaglio, relief and chine colle’

Stephen Glueckert- Rock, Paper, Scissors

Stephen Glueckert, Rock, Paper, Scissors

4-color relief print

Cathryn Mallory- Peckerwood Deckle

Cathryn Mallory, Peckerwood Deckle

collagraph with chine colle’

Vickie Meguire- Personal Snags

Vickie Meguire, Personal Snags

chine colle’, frottage, moku hanga
Leslie van Stavern Millar- Matisse Amphora Collection

Leslie van Stavern Millar, Matisse Amphora Collection

color relief reduction print

Jean Price- Pattern Pals in Thailand

Jean Price, Pattern Pals in Thailand

relief print

Bobby T Tilton- Jimmy Says,“Stink Outside the Box”

Bobby T Tilton, Jimmy Says,“Stink Outside the Box”

color relief print

Rene A. Westbrook- DogStar Odalisque

Rene A. Westbrook, DogStar Odalisque

hand-colored relief print

J. Kathleen White- Last Night at Maria’s

J. Kathleen White, Last Night at Maria’s



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